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NEW! Aviation Flashlights by Thommen Aircraft Equipment

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THOMMEN rolls out the world‘s first aviation qualified multipurpose AVLight X

Flashlight being DO-160G compliant, featuring 4 high-intensity lightbeam colors (White - NVIS green -aviation red or infrared for emergency and distress situations) providing 3 output levels: 25%, 50% and 100% with 8°-40° variable and dimmable zoom-in, zoom-out  brightness setting. A strobe function is also available.

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The multipurpose AVLight X -Flashlight's ergonomic body has serrations for comfortable non-slip grip and is made of fire resistant aluminum.


Additionally, the AVLight X flashlight is water resistant to a depth of 3 meters (9.9 feet).  It's also designed to withstand exposure to most industry-standard oils/greases and cleaning agents. 


With the integrated docking station, this flashlight can be easily installed in all aircraft, helicopter, and ground vehicles where 28V DC power is available for Automatic Recharging when placed in the docking/charge station.


AVLight X Quick Specs

  • Aluminum Made

  • Small Size (0.8 lbs.)

  • Durable LED Made with 28Vdc docking station for aircraft

  • Integrated USB Port

  • Rechargeable Battery Plus Docking station.

  • Zoom 8 Deg to 40 Deg

  • Dimmable 25%/50%/100%

  • Operation -45C to +70C

  • RTCA/DO-160G

  • IP68 Certified

  • IEC 60825-1 Safety

  • Lighting Modes

    • WHT/NVIS GRN/AV Red​


  • NVIS Standard  MIL-STD-3009

The multipurpose AVLight X -Flashlight's has a built in USB charging port for other devices.

The Best in Aviation Flash Lights

The multipurpose AVLight X -Flashlight provides and adustable lightbeam focus and powerful rechargeable batteris, with several modes of operation: White / NVIS Green, aviation red or infrared, 3 brightness levels and flashing strobe mode.


The easily selectable output levels allow different task requirements. AVLight X is entirely USB-charged and offers an additional USB port for external devices.

The AVLight X also features a 3-color LED indicator for showing the battery charge level.

The Multipurpose AVLight X will be your #1 choice for:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Border Protection


  • Offshore

  • Maritime Surveillance 

  • And Special Ops.


Plus we can even customize your Flashlight by using your own company's Logo!

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