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Legacy Replacement Reading Light

Blue Wolf Inc. This new small round LED dome light replaces older passenger reading lights and cabin dome lights installed on many legacy helicopter and commuter (fixed wing) aircraft operating worldwide.

The LED dome light emits a constant, uniform light pattern and enables operators to improve the look of the cabin, reduce weight and eliminate the intense heat generated from legacy halogen lights while delivering 40k+ hours of reliability.

These, simple to install, dome lights meet the exact fit, form and function of legacy reading lights and cabin dome lights but offer far lower through life costs.

NVIS Reading Light

What’s more, Blue Wolf offers these durable replacement fixtures with an NVIS filter option. NVIS White and NVG Green-A dome lights are compatible with Night Vision Goggle (NVG) technology and meet the requirements of many special mission operators such as border patrol, search and rescue, surveillance and the military and law enforcement where many of these legacy aircraft are today.

As with all Blue Wolf lighting, these ruggedized LED lights are constructed of machined aluminum, anodized and moisture proof to withstand the harshest conditions over land and sea from the hot deserts to the frozen Arctic.

Having a very small footprint to meet a 2.37in (60.1mm) diameter ceiling panel cut-out, and weighing only 2.4oz (0.07kg), these high-quality, space saving lights are offered in standard black cabinetry but additional colors are available. (White finish shown in pictures)

Thin Reading Light

“This Blue Wolf dome light was designed and built for a MRO engaged in servicing and upgrading their military customer’s helicopter fleet in the EU with night vision operational requirements” says Blue Wolf Director of Business Development Mark Sidebottom. “we recognized the legacy lights, and their various replacements are still in use on aircraft around the world but are reaching obsolescence. Our Small Dome Light offers many operators around the world a perfect retrofit solution.”

Blue Wolf Inc., established since 2007 is based in Boise, Idaho USA and is a leading designer and manufacturer of durable NVIS, NVG, and standard LED aircraft lighting products for commercial customers, government agencies and military and law enforcement organizations worldwide. Blue Wolf lights are also installed on special mission watercraft and many military vehicles.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Blue Wolf.

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