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Blue Wolf Releases New Dual Mode Deck Light

New Dual Mode Deck light released from respected military and law enforcement lighting provider Blue Wolf Inc. offers dual mode selectable lighting with red and green color options. Specifically designed for use in Marine applications the deck light can be supplied with louvers for floor and step uses or non-louvered for general lighting.

Blue Wolf’s new Dual Mode Deck Light (BW-A450) was designed for general crew and station lighting on US Navy’s Combatant Cruise Medium (CCM) ships used for special military operations. The US Navy needed replacements for discontinued lights that were no longer being

produced. Blue Wolf was challenged to develop a new light that had the same form factor with improved performance to meet this need. “We wanted to design a new light that was not only backwards compatible but also a light that could be used in new designs,” said Dennis Sand cofounder of Blue Wolf. On the front of the Deck light there is a toggle switch that controls both the ON/OFF and color selection on the light. It is made from durable machined aluminum with a powder coated grey finish, is IP68 rated, MIL-810G vibration compatible and operates with from 12 to 34 VDC with constant light output. The compact size, 4.63” x 2.42” x 1.44” tall, is also available with a diffuse lens for general area lighting or with an internal louver that is ideal for step and pathway lighting. For applications that do not require ON/OFF control at the light, Blue Wolf designed a similar Multi-Colored Deck Light without the

integrated toggle switch (BW-A460). Specializing

in Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible lighting products, this deck light will be a great addition to Blue Wolf’s product line for marine applications or other general lighting needs.

With market sectors including civil and commercial air, military ground vehicles, military air, naval, border patrol and more, existing customers and fans of Blue Wolf products will appreciate the new Dual Mode Deck light as a useful and complimentary addition to their range of products available to meet diverse real-world needs. Available in standard colors too, Blue Wolf also offers a full line of Night Vision

Compatible NVIS or NVG lighting products are designed for durability and optimum functionality along with space-saving form factors. Most Night Vision Cockpit or Instrumentation upgrades require a range of possible NVG Compliant solutions. Blue Wolf's line of NVIS LED products are offered in various voltage configurations as well as different lighting options and dimming controls to meet your needs. The new BW-A450 Dual Mode Deck light will enhance this product line even more.

Blue Wolf, based in Boise, Idaho USA, is a leading designer and manufacturer of durable lighting and dimming products for commercial, government agencies and military and law enforcement organizations (LEO) worldwide. Blue Wolf also offers Mechanical and Electrical Engineering design services for rapid prototyping new and custom products needed by end customers including CNC machining, assembly, and printed circuit board design.

If you would like more information about this topic, if you need a customized light for a unique application, or simply having a specific connector added to any Blue Wolf light, please contact Blue Wolf directly.

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