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CNC Mill Work

Precision CNC Machining & Fabrication

Blue Wolf takes great pride in the quality of work we provide for our customers. From setup, machining, inspection, and packaging we are there at every step to ensure the entire process is monitored and that all delivered components exceed our customer’s demands and expectations.

Whether you need 1, 5, or 10 pieces - small to low volume productions runs are our specialty when you have components that need to be machined. Combine this with our Engineering Services, and Blue Wolf is a complete prototype, fixture, and production house for your immediate project needs.

HAAS DT1 CNC Machine

CNC MACHINING - For rapid prototyping and small production runs we use our HAAS DT-1 vertical machining center. We also have local partner shops to provide fabrication, welding, laser and water cutting, and larger production run abilities if needed.

CAD – Utilizing SolidWorks 3D software, we are able to open and review just about any CAD drawing or solid part file. When necessary we can create 3D part files from 2D drawings that can then be used to assist with design improvements and ensure all parts fit with mating parts in assemblies.

CAM PROGRAMMING – With GibbsCAM software we have capabilities to program from 2D prints or import 3D solids.

3D PRINTING – Using ABS or PLA materials we can create 3D models up to 6 x 9 x 5 (LWH). We mainly use 3D printing to verify design and assembly concepts and for small assembly fixtures.

INSPECTION – We use calibrated: micrometers and calipers, thread gages, gage blocks, and precision dowel pins to ensure parts are within specified tolerances. We also ensure all important surface finishes meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

FINISHING – We have deburr and tumbling capabilities so your part can be coated or anodized to your final finishing requirements.

Blue Wolf’s machine shop capabilities allow engineers to rapidly prototype and test product designs without incurring large time delays and associated costs. Our focus is on providing complete Mechanical and Electrical engineering services along with being able to provide functional prototypes and assisting with production requirements.

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