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Lighting General

Lighting - General

Blue Wolf’s has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing unique lighting designs. From small to large designs we can help. With in-house mechanical, electrical design, printed circuit board design, and manufacturing services we can help you with any special needs you may require!











Taking advantage of LED lighting can save in cost, installation time, maintenance, and in the end provide a much more appealing light, regardless of where it is mounted.
So if your lighting requirements involve the use or need for LED lighting, then please give us a call. Please contact us if you have other
custom design requirements or questions!

Blue Wolf Dual Mode Tactical LED light for use with Night Vision Goggles

Order Our Lights in Different Colors!

NVIS White

Standard White

NVG Green


Custom Color


Blue Wolf continues to deliver durable and solution oriented designs.  Most all of our lights can be ordered in various colors upon request.


333314, 335110 335122, 335129, 335931, 336321 336413, 541330 541490, 335129

Cage Code: #6PQC4 

DUNS: 02-668-1220

The Idaho Innovation Awards recognized Night Vision Compatible Lighting by Blue Wolf as the 2016 Commercialized Innovation of the Year.

New Product Development

Remote Dimming Unit (RDU)

The new Remote Dimming Unit (RDU) by Blue Wolf eases balancing issues when utilizing mixed LED and incandescent bulb-type lighting circuits.


Existing dimmer technology normally has one output channel that supplies both an LED and incandescent lighting circuit with the same output voltage, but these two types of lighting bulbs do not produce the same amount of lumens when increased proportionally.


This problem is now solved with our new RDU.

Step Light

Our newest light is a "Stair Light" or "Step Light" that is used for general illumination, for example on vehicle steps or small area lighting.


This light aids in safety while a person boards a vehicle if used in that configuration, or provides a nice light for general illumination.


Made with durable aluminum construction, this small, sleek, and thin LED light can be used in almost any place.

Small NVIS White step light for illumination by Blue Wolf

Dual Mode NVIS 4" Flat Pack

Blue Wolf’s new line of Dual Mode Lighting products involves the use of NVIS LED's and normal WHITE led's integrated together into a single product package.


Having two lighting sources designed into a singular lighting product provides the end user with multiple lighting options without having to provide a fixture for NVIS mode, and then another fixture for normal White light mode.

Dual Mode NVIS White/White night vision light 4 inches in length by Blue Wolf

Other Products & Services


If you are considering an NVIS lighting upgrade whether it’s a cockpit updgrade or addition, instrumentation upgrade, or general area lighting upgrade, please explore our full line of NVIS Pod Lights, Utility Lights, Dome lights, Post Cap Inserts, Stair Lights, and many other lighting solutions.


We also manufacture and design high-lumen output Marine underwater LED lighting for LIFEFORM LED®. With over 50+ years of engineering and design experience, we guarantee the best product, quality, and craftsmanship that can be made in the USA.


Our Engineering and consulting and services focus on our clients' most critical design issues and opportunities. We work on preliminary designs, help with prototyping and technology across all industries that require some form of Mechanical and Electrical assemblies or integration.

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