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Electrical Design

Electrical Design

Developing or bringing a new electronic product to the market can require a significant amount of effort and time. Fortunately this can be reduced by leveraging Blue Wolf’s 50+ years of experience in designing new products and concepts. We’re able to do this because we understand the process of:

  • Gathering initial data – This is the most important stage, what will the device do, what type of environment is it required to withstand, what level diagnostics is needed?

  • Will there be a user interface – is a display needed, will there be switch inputs, will it be used often or setup once?

  • Is there a target sell price – this often dictates the quality, durability, and reliability of the final product.
  • Is the schematic already designed or does it need to be engineered?

  • Will it require a Printed Circuit board?
  • Will it require a cable or wiring harness – size, type, connector type?

  • Is an enclosure required for the final product?
Electrical cabinet with power supplies

Blue Wolf uses a systematic approach for defining these areas up front which saves time and money in the end along with delivering a more substantial product.


We offer the following Electrical Design Services:


  • Schematic Circuit Drawings

  • Firmware development for Microprocessors

  • Bill of materials creation for the design

  • Printed Circuit Board design with final images and Gerber Files
  • 3D step file of the final board design

  • Enclosure Modeling’s if needed through our Mechanical Engineering Services
  • PLC Programming

  • System Layouts

  • Prototypes, fixture designs, test assemblies and more.
  • A complete turnkey production package for your company along with electronic production files.

3d image of printed circuit board

Most products today have some form of mechanical or electrical integration. Blue Wolf offers a complete design and manufacturing process that is innovative, economical, and effective. Utilizing our in house CNC machining and PCB assembly services we can launch your new product to market much faster.

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