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Who We Are

The Idaho Innovation Awards recognized Night Vision Compatible Lighting by Blue Wolf as the 2016 Commercialized Innovation of the Year.

Our Experience

Our founders began as design engineers and business managers while they progressed in their respective careers by managing various departments within the companies they worked for.


These unique opportunities allowed them to develop valuable skills and insight, which has yielded several years of combined experience in integrating, developing, and managing products from an engineering prototype to a final marketable and manufacturable product while obtaining an objective view on costing methods.

Our Market Sectors include:

Civil and Commercial Air

Military Ground Vehicles

Military Air


Border Patrol and More


Our full line of Night Vision Compatible NVIS or NVG lighting products are designed for durability and optimum functionality along with space-saving form factors. Most Night Vision Cockpit or Instrumentation upgrades require some kind of NVG Compliant solutions.  Blue Wolf's line of NVIS LED products are offered in various voltage configurations as well as different lighting options and dimming controls to meet your needs.
The benefits of using LED technology are far better than that of older incandescent technology. Storage of spare bulbs is no longer needed, maintenance time is reduced significantly, and LED’s provides energy savings as well by drawing less power.


Please contact Blue Wolf directly if you have a custom LED design that you need to have or do not see here.

Ty Plowman

CEO & Co-founder

Holding several positions throughout his work history such as Director of Manufacturing, Director of IT & Engineering, Ty has gained valuable insight and experiences from managing these business sectors. 


Additionally, Ty has been in the engineering and design business since 1990.  Working at various places throughout his career, he has gained a multitude of experience ranging from firmware development, printed circuit board design, schematic and circuit development, PLC programming and various other electro-mechanical skills. Integrating electrical and mechanical items together has always been a passion for him.

Dennis Sand

VP of  Engineering & Co-founder

Dennis has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a MBA from Boise State University. Prior to his work at Blue Wolf, he has worked in a variety of industries including commercial lighting, food processing/packaging equipment manufacturing, and developing microfilm scanning equipment.


Dennis is exceptionally skilled at designing mechanical assemblies that require highly integrated components, if needed, with very close tolerances. Having held past positions such as COO and director of Mechanical Engineering, he understands the business elements and costing structures involved with bringing items to market. 

John Koebli

Production Supervisor

John has been in the electronics industry since 1995 and holds a degree in Digital Electronics from DeVry University.  Having several years of experience, specializing in Pharmaceutical Testing Instrumentation, John is well versed in manufacturing and troubleshooting various electro-mechanical assemblies and products.


Additional skill sets include Field service repair, PCB assembly, machine maintenance, manufacturing methods, and developing supportive manufacturing documentation to aid with production builds.


"Whatever your need may be, we are here to help you with your ideas. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and get your ideas created!"

Blue Wolf, Boise Idaho

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