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Portable NVG Lighting

NEW! Expeditionary Lighting Kit (ELK)

An Easy Way to add portable lighting to any mission critical application


Blue Wolf and our partner CTSi have jointly developed a new and portable Expeditionary Lighting Kit (“ELK”). This covert lighting system can be for use in airborne, land and maritime missions.  The system provides a tactical lighting mission kit compatible with NVIS systems that can be installed on an “as needed” basis.  ELK is a portable, universal, lightweight system built for easy implementation with no airframe upgrade required. The platform has a modular design allowing it to be scaled to fit any needed envelope and can be modified for use in cargo and ramp areas of maritime vessels and ground vehicles.








With 4 independently controlled lighting zones, an operator can choose between 3 different types of mission critical lighting (All on Battery Power):

ELK Lighting Controller, NVG, White, IR | Blue Wolf | CTSi


  • Small Size (less than 40 lbs.)

  • Portable and Battery Operated

    • BB-2590 or BB-5590​

  • 4 zones of lighting control

    • Forward​ Cabin

    • Mid

    • Aft

    • Ramp/Flood Zone

  • 3 Types of Lighting:

    • White (regular ops)

    • NVG Green (cover ops)

    • IR Lighting (covert/FLIR)

  • Carry ON Carry OFF Kit

  • No Mods needed

  • MIL-STD-810G Qualified

  • MIL-STD-3009 NVIS Compliant

  • Patent Pending

  • White 

  • NVG Green 

  • Infrared

All in one

IR - WHITE - NVG Green Tri-mode Covert Lightng | Blue Wolf | CTSi

tri-mode light

Each zone can be easily dimmed from 0 to 100% illumination on a per zone basis. Multiple Tri-mode Lights can be used throughout the different zones providing either WHITE light, NVG Green light, or Infrared Light.

Night Vision (MIL-STD-3009) and Infrared Compatible

on demand mission critical lighting

all in one portable lighting system

White Portable NVG Lighting | Blue Wolf | CTSi


White Portable NVG Lighting | Blue Wolf | CTSi


White Portable IR Lighting | Blue Wolf | CTSi


“There are far too many critical mission operations that cannot be performed in contested battlefield environments due to the limitations of visibility currently available in the cargo compartment and ramp area of military aircraft,” said Tom Sanders, CTSi Managing Director. “The lighting solution we’ve created through a strategic partnership with Blue Wolf provides warfighters with independently controlled tri-mode lighting for sensitive missions.”

Expeditionary Lighting Kit "ELK"

Expeditionary Lighting Kit "ELK"

Play Video

Small Model Setup Demo of the "ELK" System

Examples of Zonal Control/Placement

Covert NVG Green ELK Lighting Kit Placement | Blue Wolf | CTSi
Covert NVG Green ELK Lighting Kit Placement | Blue Wolf | CTSi

Contact us for more information on the Expeditionary Lighting Kit (ELK) Today!

Please enquire if you have any other questions or modifications that may be needed of this product.

Covert NVG Green and White Lightng form the Portable ELK Kit | Blue Wolf | CTSi

White to NVG

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