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Yes -  We Work with Government Agencies

We have many products that are purchased through government agencies and a partial list of NAICS codes and vendor profile information can be found below.


We bring deep, functional expertise, with over 45+ years of combined experience in design engineering. We love what we do and we excel at bringing success to agencies, customers, and clients who utilize our products.


•    334418 - PCB Assembly
•    333314 - NVG Instrument and Lens Manufacturing
•    335110 - Electric Lamp Bulb and Part Manufacturing
•    335122 - Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Electric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing
•    335129 - Other Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
•    335931 - Lamp holder manufacturing
•    336320 - Vehicular Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
•    336413 - Other Aircraft Part and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
•    541330 - Engineering Services
•    541490 - Other Specialized Design Services
•    335129 - Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing - (Underwater LED Lighting)

Vendor Profile - Blue Wolf

  • DUNS # 026681220

  • Cage # 6PQC4

  • Active ORCA 

  • Small Business

  • PSC Codes: AS92, AE24, AE34, AR14, AZ14, C212, C215

Since 2007 we have distributors who have installed our LED lighting products in many of the following vehicles:

A109 NVG Cockpit, A119 NVG Cockpit, AS350 NVG Cockpit,  AS365 NVG Cockpit, AW139 NVG Cockpit,  B205 NVG Cockpit, B206 NVG Cockpit, B212 NVG, Cockpit, B214ST NVG Cockpit,   B222 NVG Cockpit,  B230 NVG Cockpit,  B407 NVG Cockpit, B412 NVG Cockpit, B430 NVG Cockpit, BK117 C-2 NVG Cockpit (EC145), BK117 NVG Cockpit,  BO105 NVG Cockpit,  Caravan C208 NVG Cockpit,  Casa 212 NVG Cockpit,  DHC-6 NVG Cockpit,  EC120 NVG Cockpit, EC130 NVG Cockpit, EC135 NVG Cockpit,  MD500 NVG Cockpit,  MD900 NVG Cockpit,  S-76 NVG Cockpit, OH-58 NVG Cockpit,  UH-1H NVG Cockpit,  AS355 NVG Cockpit,   AS555 NVG Cockpit, Dash-8 NVG Cockpit.

“Blue Wolf continues to be and invaluable partner in the conception and the design of some of our most important products. Bringing successful products to market is hard, painstaking work and it’s ultimately our customers that truly benefit, but working with Blue Wolf Makes getting there that much easier.”

Mark Todd - Sargent Cycle Products, President


Our Engineering and consulting and services focus on our clients' most critical design issues and opportunities. We work on preliminary designs, help with prototyping and technology across all industries that require some form of Mechanical and Electrical assemblies or integration.


At Blue Wolf, we provide a broad range Product Engineering and Prototyping Services.  This includes Mechanical and Electrical Turn-Key design services. Our solutions are innovative and economical, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and key manufacturing processes.


Blue Wolf is a full-service product development, Engineering, and Prototyping company based in beautiful Boise Idaho. By looking at some of our past projects it’s easy to see that most new designs incorporate various forms of mechanical, electrical, PCB Design, and firmware integration.

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