Map Light

NVIS White Map Light

14 inch Map Light by Blue Wolf

Blue Wolf’s NVIS Map light has a 14" flexible gooseneck for easy light positioning along with full dimming control. It is designed for illuminating instrumentation or small areas such as those found in aircraft, tanks, boating vessels, or other applications. This light is perfect for area illumintion needs with many color options available, or with the standard NVIS/NVG white led lighting.
Made out of durable aluminum construction, the light is ready for any harsh punishment. With full tactile feedback on the dimming knob, this small map light can adjust the light output from 0 to 100%.  


Guaranteed, this light will not break if the dimming knob is over-torqued like other plastic models. Being mechanically robust and LED efficient, this light is a great addition to any application needing a 40,000 hour LED life span.
Different lengths for the goosenecks can be provided upon request.

  • 0 to 100% dimming control with tactile feedback in the adjusting knob.

Color Options

NVIS White

Standard White

NVG Green



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Different lengths for the goosenecks and color options can be provided upon request.

Product Numbers:

BW-A120-NVIS White

BW-A120-NVG Green




14 inch Map Light installed in a Helicopter | Blue Wolf


  • Operating Voltage: 28 Vdc

  • Operating current:  50ma

  • NVIS Compliant MIL-STD 3009

  • Mass: 0.38 lbs

  • Material: Anodized Black 6061-T6 Aluminum

  • Testing DOD-160 section 8, CAU U, Figure 8-7

  • Rigid Gooseneck tubing for full positioning

  • 14" Gooseneck Length 

  • 0 to 100% dimming control


333314, 335110 335122, 335129, 335931, 336321 336413, 541330 541490, 335129

Cage Code: #6PQC4 

DUNS: 02-668-1220

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