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Past Projects

Motorcycle Seat Heater Project

Blue Wolf Lighting Products

We have a customer out of Florida (Sargent Cycle) that wanted a motorcycle seat heater control unit designed.  They wanted it to have several programming modes for brightness control, orientation setup for multiple mounting placements, and memory for where it had previously been set even when the ignition is turned off.


  • 3D Modeling

  • Electrical Schematics

  • Printed circuit board design

  • Microprocessor firmware

  • Mechanical design

  • Completed Bill of Materials and build information

"Blue Wolf continues to be and invaluable partner in the conception and the design of some of our most important products. Bringing successful products to market is hard, painstaking work and it's ultimately our customers that truly benefit, but working with Blue Wolf Makes getting there that much easier."

Mark Todd - President/R&D Director Sargent Cycle Products

BALMSHOT Automation Project

Blue Wolf Products

BALMSHOT President Wayne Forrey came to Blue Wolf in the early part of 2011 to see if we could help his company.  Blue Wolf worked closely with Balm Shot to develop a fully automated assembly machine for his Balm Shot Product. This machine changed his manufacturing process from assembling portions by hand, to full automation at over 500 unit per hour.

"Our start-up company was facing an exciting, but serious problem. Market demand for our manufactured products exceeded the shift capacity of our specialized semi-automated fabrication equipment. Manufacturing experts advised us to outsource our manufacturing to China or Malaysia because there was no off-the-shelf equipment that we could buy to quickly increase our production. Rather than outsource our manufacturing to foreign factories, we conducted a nationwide search to find a specialized tool design firm that could quickly create automated fabrication systems for our company.

Blue Wolf's mechanical and electrical engineers designed and constructed a fully automatic manufacturing process that combined three complex functions into one-touch pad controlled digital robotic machine. Their Innovative designed increased our shift production capacity by over 400%, while reducing our labor costs.

We have been so impressed with their engineering creativity and cost-saving services that we have referred them to other manufacturing companies to solve problems. Regardless of company size, manufacturing or fabrication complexity, Blue Wolf Engineering is a focused hands-on firm that quickly solves problems. We are completely satisfied with Blue Wolf and we look forward to a long business relationship with these fine engineers and problem solvers."

Wayne S. Forrey, President

Microprocessor Design Project

Blue Wolf

PCS Edventures, came to Blue Wolf to help them develop a newer version of their main "Brain" Controller for their education kits.  PCS Edventures spans the globe and has presence in all 50 United States and 13 countries worldwide. PCS provides educational learning products from Preschool through Higher Education.


  • Conceptual prototyping

  • 3D Case Modeling enclosure

  • Electrical Schematics

  • Printed circuit board design (PCB)

  • Microprocessor firmware programming

  • Mechanical design

  • Completed Bill of Materials and build information

"We have worked with Blue Wolf on several projects over the past year and have always been delighted with the outcome Blue Wolf is one of the most attentive and customer service oriented engineering companies we have worked with. The attention to detail and quality is unmatched. I would not hesitate to suggest Blue Wolf to any company that is looking for high quality when it comes to design and manufacturing."

Joe Equsquiza - VP Technology Education PCS Edventures

Full Service Design and Product Development

Several Inventors have the next great idea, but most innovative products never get past the preliminary stages. Blue Wolf offers a turn-key solution for all invention and product development needs.


The Blue Wolf Team provides expertise in all areas of the development process; including prototyping, engineering design, consulting, manufacturing, and sales strategy. The Blue Wolf team is highly efficient and offers a total package to help get your product off the ground. 

Blue Wolf

Other NVIS/NVG LED Light Products

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