Blue Wolf’s new mini spotlight was designed to go where few specialty lights can.


Measuring less than 2 inches in length and 11/16 inches in diameter, our “mini-spot” can be mounted in myriad locations throughout cockpits, cabins, crowded instrument panels and other important recessed areas.


With hidden wiring, the light can rotate 180 degrees and illuminate a beam angle of 34 degrees.  Machined out of a durable aluminum, this small LED light offers exceptional mounting versatility while providing an on-wing, on-axle life span of over 40,000 hours.


While the NVIS White mini-spot light is specifically designed for illuminating Night Vision Environments such as in aircraft, watercraft and tactical vehicles, it can also be ordered with NVG-Green-A, standard white LED , custom or Infrared signature.


  • Sleek, durable, and well made construction with a small form Factor for an NVIS Dual Mode LED light.
  • Rotatable

Mini NVG Spot Light

SKU: BW-A420-XXX (color)
Light Options:
  • Quick Data

    • Operating Voltage: 7 Vdc-33 Vdc

    • Operating current:  40ma

    • Operating Temp -40 to 122 Degrees F.

    • PWM Dimmable from 0 to 100%

    • NVIS Compliant MIL-STD 3009

    • Many Light Options

    • Mass: 1.1 oz.

    • Material: Anodized Black 6061-T6 Aluminum

    • 180 degree rotation

    • DOD-160 section 8 compatible

    • Hidden Wires

    • Low heat output (LED)

  • Product Spec Sheet


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