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Blue Wolf’s NVIS Reading light is the perfect light for vehicles that house traditional high-heat Halogen lights. It's an easy drop in replacement for Goodrich reading lights.


This reading light light is designed for interior cabin illumination or for cargo bay lighting. It has a very small form factor, less than 2.53 inches in diameter and only 0.720" thick. This Reading light provides brilliant illumination utilizing 25 low power LEDs. We offer many different color lighting options for area lighting, plus other standard NVIS/NVG options along with standard white.


Manufactured out of solid 6061 aluminum, this NVIS LED dome light looks sleek in design while utilizing minimum mounting space with its thin profile. It's perfect for any cockpit, boating, ground vehicle, cargo bay area, military land vehicle, or tank that requires MIL-STD-3009 compliant NVIS White LED lighting which allows for easy viewing without “greening out” important indication colors such as “reds” and “yellows”.


The BW-A360, features over-voltage and transient power protection, and provides constant light output from 18 Vdc to 33 Vdc in case there are any voltage swings within the vehicle power system. Additionally, the BW-360 if capable of full PWM dimming from 0 to 100% through a third wire input.


  • We offer other Dome lights as well. 

  • Custom "finishes" are available too.

Reading Light

SKU: BW-A360-XXX (color)
  • Quick Data

    • Operating Voltage: 28 Vdc Typ.

    • Operating current:  100ma 

    • Dimmable from 0 to 100%

    • NVIS Compliant MIL-STD 3009

    • Mass: 2.4 oz

    • Material: Anodized Black 6061-T6 Aluminum

    • MIL-1275D compatible

    • MIL-810G compatible

    • Adapted for retrofits

  • Product Spec Sheet


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