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Blue Wolf’s NVIS Rectangular Dome light is designed for illuminating instrumentation or large cargo bay lighting areas used in Night Vision Environments such as aircraft cockpits, tanks, boating vessels, or other applications.

The Blue Wolf Dome light can be used to upgrade older incandescent Grimes B3550 Dome Light fixtures with NVIS compatible LED technology. The low profile design, matching screw mount locations and BA15 connector make upgrades as simple as changing a bulb. No wiring necessary.


The NVIS LED white light produced allows for easy viewing without “greening out” important indication colors such as “reds” and “yellows”. Made out of a durable solid aluminum construction, this NVIS Rectangular Dome light can be installed almost anywhere.

Rectangle Dome Light

SKU: BW-A146-XXX (color)
  • Quick Data

    • Operating Voltage: 28 Vdc Typ.

    • Operating current:  120ma 

    • Dimmable from 0 to 100%

    • NVIS Compliant MIL-STD 3009

    • Mass: 0.16 lbs

    • Material: Anodized Black 6061-T6 Aluminum

    • DOD-160 section 8 Tested

    • Adapted for retrofits - Grimes B3550

  • Product Spec Sheet


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