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Rectangular Dome Light Approved by Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has approved Blue Wolf's Rectangular NVIS White Dome Light for use in its aircraft, and places their first order.

With the ease of changing a bulb, older incandescent Grimes B3550 fixtures can now be upgraded with newer LED technology providing years of illumination with no maintenance intervals.

The USCG Air Logistics Center (ALC) sought out sources to retrofit/upgrade the Grime B3550 light fixtures used in aircraft specifically equipped to perform USCG missions. Using Blue Wolf's Dome Lights to upgrade these older incandescent fixtures with NVIS White LED technology was of great interest to them.

The USCG ordered several lights for testing and was extremely impressed by the quality, performance, and the ability to upgrade an existing fixture with the ease of changing a light bulb. Shortly thereafter, the Blue Wolf Rectangular NVIS White Dome light was approved for use and assigned a National Stocking Number (NSN 6220-01-HS2-7742). Blue Wolf recently delivered the first full shipment of Rectangular NVIS Dome lights to the USCG.

The NVIS Rectangular LED Dome light is one of the latest additions to the Blue Wolf product line. Being the industries thinnest dome light, it is very versatile and can be used in any application requiring area illumination or cabin lighting and complements the 14+ lighting products currently designed and manufactured by Blue Wolf.

The versatility of the Rectangular Dome light for new installations, and upgrades to existing Grimes B3550 fixtures, simplifies and reduces inventory costs because the light can be stocked for either application. Additionally, LED longevity and durability against vibrations is exceptional. With low LED heat output, the life span of this light will provide 40,000 to 50,000 hours of illumination.

Constructed out of machined aluminum and utilizing the latest LED technology the Blue Wolf Rectangle Dome Light is designed for superior performance and durability. This light comes with a BA15 male connector for a drop in replacement of the BA15 incandescent bulb used in a Grimes B3550 fixture. For applications that require a new installation, a thin mounting plate is included and then the BA15 connector can be removed for direct wiring.

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