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Post Cap Insert Approved by US DLA

Blue Wolf's NVIS Post Cap insert approved by the US DLA - (NSN 6220-01-515-7225)

The Blue Wolf Post Light Cap Insert produces a very uniform NVIS White LED light for illuminating any kind of instrumentation. It can also be used as an upgrade to existing older plastic post caps, or for new installations with the installation of post light bases that can be provided by Blue Wolf. Several voltage ranges are available (5V/14V/28V). The DLA Aviation division has been replacing older incandescent post caps with plastic LED post caps for over ten years and has not fully realized the long life benefits of LED technology. Continual replacement of broken plastic caps or inserts negates these benefits.

LED post lights are typically a one piece construction as opposed to incandescent lights where a two piece bulb and cap is utilized. LED post lights should easily last 40K to 50K hours. However, should the LED malfunction or break apart then the entire post cap will need to be replaced.

Using Blue Wolf’s NVIS white LED post cap insert to upgrade the older incandescent fixtures was of great interest to them. The solid one-piece machined aluminum design ensures all the benefits of LED longevity that should be realized. Additionally, the Blue Wolf Post Cap Insert has a robust spring contact that ensures the lights will not turn off or flicker which is especially important on helicopters.

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