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Why Our Post Lights are Aluminum

Some people often ask us, why are your NVIS Post Cap lights are made out of aluminum? The answer is quite simple, plastic just doesn’t hold up to the environment they’re used in.

Any quality NVIS light should easily provide over 40,000 hours of LED lighted service. That’s over four and a half years of use. If the light is plastic, someone will eventually end up inadvertently bumping it with something causing it to break into several pieces. Here at Blue Wolf, we believe in providing quality products that will last!

Last year, we visited our local Guard Unit here at the Boise Airport. When talking with their technicians who service some of the local aircraft using these Plastic Post cap inserts, they discussed how much time they had to spend looking for the FOD (Foreign Object Debris) pieces after one breaks. One person commented that it can take several hours, and sometimes they even have to remove seats just to find these broken pieces.

To some it may not be obvious, but have broken pieces floating around in a cockpit environment is not something to be desired! Having broken pieces in any display environment should always be minimized. But the real truth is, look how much time has to be set forth if something as small as a post light does break! How long will that vehicle or aircraft be out of service? The time and costs can add up rather quickly. If you have a chance to look at some of our lights, you’ll see that all of our housings are made out of high grade aluminum. Each light is designed for minimal weight and maximum durability which will provide years of quality NVIS lighting. Please feel free to contact us should you need any additional information or click on any image above for more details.

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