Small LED Stair Light by Blue Wolf

Blue Wolf announces a new product. Our newest light is a "Stair Light" or "Step Light" that is used for general illumination, for example on vehicle steps or small area lighting.

This light aids in safety while a person boards a vehicle, if used in that configuration, or provides a nice light for general small area illumination. Made with durable aluminum construction, this small, sleek, and thin LED light can be used in almost any place. Part Number (BW-A190).

Quick Specs:

Durable Aluminum Construction

Size: 3.125" x .813" x 0.5" (Small Depth)

28Volts DC

25 mA.

24 Lumens

Taking advantage of LED lighting can save in cost, installation time, maintenance, and in the end provide a much more appealing light, regardless of where it is mounted.

For more information contact Blue Wolf.

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