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New 4 Channel Remote Dimming Unit

The new, patent-pending Remote Dimming Unit (RDU) by Blue Wolf eases balancing issues across mixed LED and incandescent bulb-type lighting circuits in cockpits, cabins and vehicles. Existing dimmer technology supplies mixed LED and incandescent lighting circuits with the same output voltage resulting in unbalanced light levels.

This new Remote Dimming Unit (RDU) solves these problems by having a user configurable output curve for each channel resulting in balanced light output between all channels.

4 Channel remote dimming unit, perfect for NVG or NVIS Dimming situations along with regular light dimming too | Blue Wolf

With the Easy Balance™ software build into the RDU, users can define their own power output curves for each channel output. The RDU comes standard with four user defined output channels and can be expanded to eight channels with an optional expansion module. Each channel is capable of supplying 2.5 Amps per channel and all output levels are based on dimming inputs from 0% to 100% into the RDU. Additionally, the RDU can accept multiple inputs assigned to one or more channels such as switches, sensors, potentiometers and other input devices. Besides just balancing light outputs, the RDU can also be configured to power seat heaters, fans, and can even be configured to control outputs for a Blackout Mode scenario.

Having a very small footprint of 2.13” x 1.15” x 4.63” and weighing only 7 ounces, the RDU is perfect for retrofit and OEM applications where space is a premium.

LED vs Incandescent Bulb-type output curves | Blue Wolf

This innovative RDU solves both retrofit and line-fit challenges with mixed incandescent and LED lighting circuits and eliminates adding and managing multiple dimmers for each of the lighting circuits. The small form factor (SFF-RDU) provides a simple, space saving, single unit system for easy balancing of dissimilar lighting zones, or for controlling multiple zones of lighting with one unit.

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