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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly and Design

Blue Wolf understands that at the heart of every great product, there is usually a great Printed Circuit Board that makes the item unique in one form or another.


When a prototype or pre-production unit is needed, it’s often difficult to find a vendor that can create or assemble 1, 10, or 20 boards for that initial testing stage. We do this a great deal for many customers because we also offer Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services in this area.


Once the testing and evaluation process has been completed for a new product, Blue Wolf can even facilitate in small to low volume PCB productions runs if needed down the road.

We excel at integrating PC boards into final electromechanical assemblies along with testing.


We can help with:

  • Schematic circuit design

  • Component Selection

  • PCB design and layout

  • Gerber File Creation

  • Multilayer PC board design

  • Bill of Materials to accompany PC boards

Blue Wolf Products
Blue Wolf Products
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