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Blue Wolf Releases Much Anticipated Innovative Mini-Spot Specialty Light

BOISE, IDAHO, USA, January 28, 2020

Blue Wolf’s new Mini-Spot Light was designed to go where few specialty lights can. A complimentary addition to their existing product lines providing lighting solutions supporting military, border patrol and law-enforcement agencies worldwide, the new Mini-Spot Light fits and goes where few other lighting devices can manage.

Less than 2 inches in length and just 11/16-inch in diameter, the Mini-Spot Light can be mounted in nearly any location throughout cockpits, cabins, crowded instrument panels and countless other important areas. With hidden wiring, the Mini-Spot can rotate a full 180 degrees and illuminate a beam angle of 34 degrees and operates from 7 to 33 Vdc using only 40mA of current. Durable machined aluminum construction makes this small LED exceptionally versatile for mounting nearly anywhere it’s needed and provides a life span of over 40,000 hours.

Blue Wolf is a leader in the design and manufacturing of LED lighting, proudly made in the USA providing a growing line of high quality, prevision engineered lighting products. Tested to the highest standards and made of machined aluminum, Blue Wolf lighting is extremely durable and adds years of service life to standard LED or specialized NVIS/NVG applications.

The new Mini-Spot Light is MIL-STD-3009 compliant if NVIS White or NVIS Green-A color options are chosen. Other LED color options include white, red, blue and infrared for non-MIL installations. The tiny 2 inch by 11/16-inch size of the new Mini-Spot Light makes it ideal for crowded places and other important recessed areas. The possible color/NVIS capabilities make this new light customizable for the tight spots and heavy-wear typical of Blue Wolf lighting applications in real-world and military/combat situations.

With market sectors including civil and commercial air, military ground vehicles, military air, naval, border patrol and more, existing customers and fans of Blue Wolf products will appreciate the new Mini-Spot Light as a useful and complimentary addition to their range of products available to meet diverse real-world needs. Available in standard colors, Blue Wolf also offers a full line of Night Vision Compatible NVIS or NVG lighting products are designed for durability and optimum functionality along with space-saving form factors. Most Night Vision Cockpit or Instrumentation upgrades require a range of possible NVG Compliant solutions. Blue Wolf's line of NVIS LED products are offered in various voltage configurations as well as different lighting options and dimming controls to meet your needs. The new Mini-Spot Light will be a very welcome addition to the party.

Blue Wolf, based in Boise, Idaho USA, is a leading designer and manufacturer of durable lighting and dimming products for commercial, government agencies and military and law enforcement organizations (LEO) worldwide. Blue Wolf also offers Mechanical and Electrical Engineering design services for rapid prototyping new and custom products needed by end customers including CNC machining, assembly, and printed circuit board design.

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