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New NVIS 4 Inch PWM Pod Light

Blue Wolf announces the release of our newest NVIS LED product.

Our new 4 inch NVIS LED POD Light offers a very small form factor, durable aluminum constructions, hidden wires, and full light adjustabilityfrom 0 to 100% through a 3rd wire PWM signal. If no dimming control is needed, then simply leave the PWM wire unconnected and the 4 inch Pod light will default to full light output power.

This particular lights offers a very nice 57 x 125 degree beam illumination. This allows for general broad cargo area lighting and specific areas that need pinpoint lighting. Drawing only 100 mA of current at 28Vdc, this 4 inch NVIS pod light was also designed to provide a "Constant Level" of light output throughout any voltage swing from 18 to 32 Vdc. This enables the product to deliver a nice NVIS/NVG light output with no flickering from system load demands and/or charging system voltage swings. Providing full NVIS MIL-STD 3009 compliant light, this Pod light, mounted into the end caps, can rotate a full 160 degrees and then be fixed in place. Being a panel mounted light, it can be placed in either a vertical or horizontal manner, providing many illumination options. Another nice presentation feature is that all wires exit at one end, and through the center of one end cap. So in the end, no visible wires can be seen in the final mouting. Made here in the USA, ROHS compliant, and made from durable aluminum weighing 2.2 oz in total.

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